What is the Spier Secret Festival?

The 2016 Spier Secret Festival’s speakers will be exploring how food is an intrinsic part of our cultural history and identity. The food and wine event – a day of workshops, talks, eating and drinking – will be held on Sunday 6 November in Johannesburg.

How do I know if the Spier Secret Festival is something that I would enjoy?

The Spier Secret conference is for you if:

  • If you are interested in the latest food and wine trends
  • You work in the food and wine industry
  • If you work in food and wine media
  • If you are a food or wine blogger
  • If you work for a food or wine retailer
  • If you own a business in the food or wine industry
  • If you just love and enjoy great food and wine
  • If you are developing new food or wine products
  • You are in the restaurant industry and commited to sourcing ethically produced and sustainable ingredients
  • Sustainable eating and living is important to you.

Where is it happening?

The Spier Secret Conference takes place at Nando’s Central Kitchen in Johannesburg on Sunday, 6 November.