Sietske Klooster graduated at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in Delft, the Netherlands. She developed her own design method in close cooperation with the University of Technology in Eindhoven. Her method is aimed at socio-cultural transformation and innovation and the role of novel technology behind. Her method works through embodied design with stakeholders and situated in real life context.

From this background Sietske initiated design project de MelkSalon (The MilkSalon) on which she has been working full time since 2012. De MelkSalon is aimed at co-creating a novel dairy culture, where diversity and differentiation between farmers’ milks is the key value. Milk, just like wine, has ‘terroir’. Milk has different qualities, depending on the soil and vegetation that the cows graze from, the breed of the cows, the seasons and so much more. These qualities can be reinforced by the way the milk is processed into dairy.

Through co-design with farmers and engineers, the project now works towards a diversity oriented dairy farmers cooperative, with inherent processing and distribution techniques. Hence the value chain of dairy will literally value on the farmers’ ‘terroir’. Cultural landscape and eating culture of dairy will be valued as one.