1.1 Jellymongers credit Simon Jacobs

The Jellymongers

The Jellymongers, Sam Bompass and Harry Parr, are UK-based designers working on an architectural scale with cutting edge technology, exploring how the taste of food is altered by synaesthesia, performance and setting. Read More

Arabeschi di Latte

Founded by Francesca Sarti in 2001, Arabeschi di Latte is a collective of Italian women designers with a passion for conviviality. Read More
2.1 Isabelle Legeron MW - Chequered Shirt HR

Isabelle Legeron

That crazy French woman, Isabelle Legeron MW, has a unique approach to wine. Read More
4.1 Off menu photo 3

Off Menu

Off Menu was born in 2012 as a non-profit independent collective with a global view, a lot of illusion and a healthy appetite. Read More
5.1 Angus McIntosh HR

Angus McIntosh

Angus McIntosh is Spier’s very own farmer. He is passionate about ethical food production and has effortlessly stepped into his role as a farmer in a setting far from his original hunting ground as a stockbroker for Goldman Sachs in London. Read More