Posted on Friday, September 23rd, 2016

It is almost time for the fifth annual Spier Secret Festival – and the first ever in Johannesburg on Sunday 6 November 2016. This food and wine event is a day of workshops, talks, eating and drinking and will explore all things food heritage.

Buy your tickets here, or read on through these 8 reasons why you can’t miss the festival.

#1 Nando’s Central Kitchen
Is there any better place to host the annual Spier Secret festival than at the Nando’s Central Kitchen? That’s right, the answer is no! No other location reflects true South African design the same way the revamped Nando’s Central Kitchen does. Read more about the venue here.


PHOTO Dook | Source: VISI

#2 Nandos Chili experience
One might ask, what exactly is a Nando’s Chili experience? All we can say is be prepared to be amazed!

#3 Algae Afternoon Breaks
Spoiler alert: If you google Cateringa & Kompanen you will be extremely excited to find out that you can feed algae through breathing and be rewarded for your good deed!

#4 Lunch by Ash Heeger
Ash will be joining us all the way from the Mother City to cook you the most delicious Sunday lunch you’ve ever had! Bold statement we know, but it’s true!

#5 Mpho Tshukudu
She discusses the subject matter we all choose to ignore: if we ignore taste preferences and familial food fondness, we become someone else. We wouldn’t want that! Stay you and come listen to her talk.

#6 De Melksalon (Netherlands)
Sietske Klooster will be sharing her journey of bringing the everyday consumer closer to their farmer. Get ready to learn about heritage, terroir as well as the meaning and taste of milk. Hmmm……

Photo credits: Esther Grass Vergara

Photo credits: Esther Grass Vergara


#7 MORE international!
Freddie Janssen (UK), author of Pickled and founder of F.A.T will be showing us all kinds of handy tricks to make pickling your new best friend.

#8 WINE!
Last but not least we’ll have a courtesy wine bar serving award-winning Spier wines, the WHOLE day.
Spier Creative Block wines


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For festival details – Hannerie Visser
For media enquires – Marina Vermeulen